An experienced, no-nonsense Product Designer

I make sure that your product is usable and intuitive to users, that it meets your business goals and that it aligns with the workflow of the engineering team that builds it.

UI Design

I have led the design of whole applications as well as contributed features to consumer-facing and internal applications.

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UX Research

Who are our users? How can we meaningfully divide them into user types, understand the unique needs of each, and design our Interfaces so that they serve each well?

Ask me more about how I helped and Edraak create an online learning platform for the Arab world.

Usability Testing

It's crucial for a successful product to align with the needs, expectations and skills of the people that will use them. Conducting user interviews, listening to users, ideating improvements and following up assumptions are invaluable tools.

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UX design

Meet users where they are. Whether designing an interaction for novices on-the-go on a phone, or providing dedicated tools to power users using multiple monitors, each design meets the user where their needs are.

Ask me more about how I prototyped and performed qualitative User studies for the Google Ads Bid Simulator .

Interaction design

It's the details that count. From complex flows to details, I strive to give users an elegant and intuitive path that helps them achieve their goals without having to figure out how the UI works.

Watch a video about how I helped large advertisers automate and trust their bidding strategies .

Design that scales

Having a clear, simple, and consistent design language across all interfaces is key to build user confidence in your product, and if done right, saves the engineering team a lot of headaches. I will advocate for a simple, usable and consistent design system.

Ask me more about my work implementing and contributing to Material Design.